Sunday, May 15, 2022

Our Program - Bill Gates - We can make COVID-19 the last pandemic. May 16 to 22, 2022.



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For the week beginning May 16, 2022

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Greeter this week 
Rotarian Jim Kenyon

Inspirational moment

The Theme Song of Rotary Club of Madras, India


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March 26. Lots of interesting items this week. The TED talk about sea grass is quite remarkable, something that most of us never see yet it sequesters so much carbon.
-- David Werrett, E-Club of Canada One, District 5370

The Imagine Story. I found the Imagine stories shared were ALL hugely inspiring. The ones that struck me the most were:
  • The girl who slept in a dumpster and took herself through all her schooling. Humbling to hear. So much perseverance with absolute courage and determination to achieve her dreams and goals.
  • The Random Acts of Kindness journey was such a marvellous act of selfless giving of oneself and overcoming personal challenge as a result.
  • Also, the video of the project visiting Guatemala was really well done!l
-- Brenda Race, not a Rotarian yet

March 28. I loved everything about this meeting listening to the Fur Elise video. Thanks.
-- Nance MacLeod, E-Club of Canada One, District 5370

Dianne Maroney – The Imagine Project. I was not aware that there was an Imagine Project which is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to giving kids aged 5 to 18 a voice to rewrite their own life stories. This was founded by Dianne Maroney who captured in numerous stories the lives of numerous people who inspired her.
-- Michael Thomas, Rotary Club of Stony Plain, District 5370

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CerviCAL ACT!ON - Cervical Cancer Elimination Congress from rockethouseinc on Vimeo.



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...contributed by Rotarian Vicki

Four-way Test

To close the meeting, PDG Jim Ferguson recites the Four-Way Test of the things that Rotarians think, say, or do.

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